Solutia IT, a Sevillian company specializing in technological solutions, has relocated its headquarters from Salteras to the Scientific and Technological Park Cartuja in Seville. The move aims to strengthen relationships with industry stakeholders, strategically positioning itself within a hub of knowledge, innovation, and technological development. Undoubtedly, it is an opportunity to generate synergies and foster collaboration in this constantly evolving sector.

Situated in a Scientific and Technological Park, the new offices in the ZZJ building house the Software Factory, commercial and development departments, and the company’s management. This move enables Solutia IT to take advantage of the vibrant ecosystem for technological advancement and business growth.

Sustainability as a Priority

One of the priorities is sustainability, evident in the choice of flooring for the new offices. The GAMAFLOR PAC 35/05 raised floor system, with an FSC-certified chipboard core and a self-extinguishing plastic edge, aligns with Solutia IT’s commitment to environmental responsibility. The versatility and recyclable materials of the system contribute to LEED credits, making it an ideal choice for modern and environmentally friendly office spaces.


The GAMAFLOR PAC 35/05 raised floor system offers significant savings and is versatile for modular construction and technological buildings. Its lightweight tiles facilitate access to facilities beneath the floor. Manufactured by POLYGROUP, the system is composed of recyclable materials, supporting LEED certification. With a sturdy structure, this raised floor system is designed to bear heavy loads, providing durability and fire resistance.

Participating in successful projects continues to consolidate our leadership in the sector. Our GAMAFLOR PAC 35/05 system not only meets functional requirements but also aligns with the company’s comprehensive environmental goals, emphasizing the relevance of sustainability in contemporary business practices. Additionally, it ensures the highest levels of market performance, thus reinforcing our position as leaders in technological solutions and environmentally responsible practices.