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Specialized technical support for architects, engineering, designers and specifiers.


In Polygroup Raised Access Floors we have been working side by side with the construction industry for more than 40 years, as a result we recognize the basic needs of architects, engineers, designers and specifiers.

Our team has been concerned with providing the best service to our clients, which we understand involves a wide library of specialized raised floor technical documents at the service of the wide range of disciplines that incorporate our raised access floor systems.

Polygroup has created a compendium of specialized raised floor technical documents for each stage of development of an architectural project, beginning in its first design phase where we provide:

– Raised floor dwg drawings and solutions. Library of raised floor CAD drawings.
– Raised floor specifications under UNE EN 12825 standard. Library of raised floor specs writting tools.
– Raised floor specifications under ASTM-CISCA standard. Library of raised floor specs writting tools.
– Technical data sheets for all POLYGROUP Gamaflor raised access floor systems in maximum detail.
– Cost studies and profitability analysis for the end user of our raised floor systems. Benefits of use raised floor systems.


Raised Floor Specialized Technical Support

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In Polygroup we aim to provide professional and specialized raised floor technical documents as a support to high quality projects becoming a trusted technical adviser and part of the project development. In addition of contributing with updated raised access floor specifications, in Polygroup we pursue to facilitate the specification processes and make it work for every project.

The continuous investment in R + D + i of our systems results in a wide compendium of specialized raised floor technical documentation available to architects, engineers as well as specifiers, among which we highlight various certifications such as acoustics, anti-seismic raised floor studies, electrical conductivity and fire classification of our raised access floor systems. Our extensive library of specialized raised access floor technical documentation as well as raised floor specifications is the result of long national and international experience, in which we have had the opportunity to deeply understand the diverse construction requirements of each country.

We believe including Polygroup’s raised access floor system through our specialized raised floor technical documentation causes a positive impact on the project’s design integrity and quality intent.

Raised Floor Drawing Specialized Technical Support


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