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For more than a decade POLYGROUP has set in motion an internationalization process throughout the world, attracting new users of raised access floor systems, as well as venturing into new markets in the 5 continents. One of the main challenges faced through the process was approaching the Middle East market, in which the consolidation of the GAMAFLOR brand can be seen nowadays within the constant use of raised floor systems in the region.

As part of this extensive work, POLYGROUP has been part of the BIG 5 international exhibition in Dubai for more than 10 years. This international exhibition is considered the most relevant in the construction sector of the Arab market and one of the most important in an international scale where eastern and western markets find a meeting point for prominent architecture firms to present their novelties and trends for this unique market.

The last edition of Big 5 Dubai took place from November 25th to 28th 2019, where our POLYGROUP team had the opportunity to show our most recent advances in access floor systems, especially for the Oil & Gas and Telecommunications sector. POLYGROUP has developed new modular raised floor systems to provide greater efficiency and versatility to this type of construction that has been deeply accepted within these specific sectors.

The Big 5 Dubai exhibition provided the opportunity to meet most of our collaborators in the region, as well as a multitude of new customers who already use POLYGROUP access floor technology of our GAMAFLOR brand in their new projects. In addition, new architecture and engineering firms have shown their interest in collaborating in their future projects with POLYGROUP, applying raised floor solutions. In every case, it has been a rewarding experience and our team will provide all our know-how and technical support for the development of access floor systems specifications in the Middle East market, which we feel grateful to be part of.

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