The Port of Algeciras now boasts a new Coordination Center for Port Processes and Protection, a modern facility that houses all the services and departments that make up the “brain” of port management.

A project awarded to Elecnor, which has transformed and expanded the facilities of the former Fire Department.

The Coordination Center for Processes (CCP) occupies part of the original building as well as the extension, which includes a large operations room where multiple departments of the APBA are located.

It also has spaces for official bodies in case of crises, becoming the core of port operation management from where monitoring, control, and intervention in processes will be facilitated, aligning port operations with strategic growth objectives.

The room is prepared to accommodate Port Protection operators, Maritime Operations (Maritime Traffic Management and coordination of services to vessels), land, rail, and heavy traffic.

Architectural Configuration of the Building

Architecturally, the Coordination Center for Processes receives natural overhead light, while sound-absorbing materials have been used in its construction.

All functional areas of the CCP, both in the refurbished building and the extension, are connected via mezzanines, representing a qualitative change in terms of technological level in port operation management, especially in emergency situations or during the Strait of Gibraltar Operation.

The building’s configuration allows both areas, Port Protection and the Coordination Center, to work somewhat independently in the flow of people entering and leaving. However, a walkway on the upper floor connects both areas.

The architectural ensemble will be articulated through ventilated facades with white aluminum panels, integrated into its surroundings and incorporating the necessary systems to be an example of energy efficiency.

Raised Access Floors in Port Protection

In the office area, we have supplied the Polygroup Gamaflor PAC 35/05 system with a vinyl finish of the heterogeneous HPV LIDER type.

The HPV LIDER heterogeneous vinyl flooring is considered the most resistant to heavy traffic in the market, thanks to its new technology that provides exclusive and innovative designs. It is used in all types of areas due to its resistance to traffic, lower maintenance costs, and ease of recovery.

In the data processing center area, the Polygroup Gamaflor FULL STEEL HEAVY MEDIUM system with a vinyl finish of the CONDUCTILE SUPER OR type has been used, due to the need to dissipate and conduct the electrostatic charges generated in technological buildings. This makes this floor the ideal complement for conductive raised floor systems, as it has very low electrical resistance, allowing the grounding of charges generated in the environment.

The panels used are perforated, type GAMAFLOR G-42. They are panels made up of a 600mm x 600mm floor grid, perforated with 400 holes of 22mm in diameter for air supply or return.

These tiles are primarily available to meet the static and rolling load requirements in technical and data processing rooms.

They are designed to ensure a continuous flow of air from the bottom of the raised floor to cool the machinery in the room using cold/hot aisle technology. The new manufacturing technology with smooth steel will ensure a reduction in noise from the air outlet compared to traditional aluminum ventilation grilles for raised floors.