Boasting more than four decades of expertise in producing top-notch elevated access flooring systems, Polygroup stands out for its commitment to efficient, intelligent, and sustainable construction. In this article, we will focus on the innovative PVC CONDUCTILE SUPER-OR. This conductive raised floor plays a crucial role in managing electrostatic discharges in technological environments and specialized rooms.

An Essential Solution for Technological Environments

The PVC CONDUCTILE SUPER-OR emerges as the perfect solution for technologically advanced rooms and buildings, such as data processing centers (CPD), laboratories, operating rooms, oncology areas, and more. Its ability to dissipate and conduct electrostatic charges makes it an essential component for the safety and performance of these spaces.

The conductive vinyl CONDUCTILE SUPER-OR is distinguished by its composition of graphite as an electrical conductor. Its catalogue offers a wide variety of finishes, providing aesthetic options without compromising functionality. Manufactured through pressing, this flooring exhibits exceptional resistance to heavy traffic, making it ideal for environments that demand high performance, including electrical rooms, substations, and control rooms.

Performance and Maintenance of PVC CONDUCTILE SUPER-OR

The CONDUCTILE SUPER-OR flooring stands out for its resistance to abrasion and chemicals, dimensional stability, and cost-effective maintenance. Its non-directional design and ability to withstand heavy traffic make these tiles the ideal choice for various environments, from offices and data centers to electronic industries and hospitals. To ensure effectiveness, installation must be done on a flat, dry base with welded joints for seamless integration. Furthermore, its versatility extends to compatibility with the Gamaflor Raised Access Floor System, expanding application possibilities in different environments.

This raised access floor emerges as a comprehensive solution for managing electrostatic discharges in critical environments. Its combination of resistance, efficient electrical conduction, and versatility in installation positions it as a wise choice for those seeking high-performance conductive raised flooring.

Polygroup brings together innovation and excellence to deliver cutting-edge solutions in raised access flooring.