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The Smart City Malta technology park project is developed in the Kalkara area and was born from the Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City projects. Initially, this project proposed an investment of nearly  € 275 million to carry out the 360,000 square kilometers of surface that included the ambitious design that would boost the private sector in Malta, generating an estimated 11,000 jobs in the region. The project was unveiled in 2007 by the Maltese Prime Minister and construction began shortly thereafter with the intention of completing the project in 2021, although due to the project’s extension it has been possible to start opening the first offices since 2010.

Polygroup had the opportunity to collaborate with this project in specific office areas, where it was determined to use the Gamaflor PAC raised access floor system with PVC LIDER coating and finished with Sovereign Tech technology. This system is characterized by combining the best features of each element, such as the HPV LIDER PVC finish, which is a high-end coating capable of guaranteeing optimum performance for 10 years. Additionally finished with Sovereign Tech technology, the raised floor system is conceived with a completely homogeneous appearance thanks to its manufacturing process, which results in a clean and homogeneous surface.

The chosen raised access floor system is without a doubt a correct decision, since it combines the best features for the Smart City Malta Technology Park, mainly due to the versatility of the system. In addition to great technical features adapted to the specific use of this project, where the solution of a Gamaflor raised floor system will bring many benefits to the users of each space.

Location: MALTA
Project Profile:  TECHNOLOGY PARK
Area: 360.000 km2
Year: 2007 – 2021
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Headquarters / Factories:
P.I. Navisur
41907  Seville
(+34 ) 955 99 77 31

Headquarters / Factories:
P.I. Navisur
41907  Seville
(+34 ) 955 99 77 31

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