Polygroup Project Casino Ocean Sun Panama
Polygroup Project Casino Ocean Sun Panama
Polygroup Project Casino Ocean Sun Panama
Polygroup Project Casino Ocean Sun Panama
Polygroup Project Casino Ocean Sun Panama


The OCEAN SUN casino is located inside the iconic JW Marriot Panama building, former TRUMP Tower, which is part of the tallest skyscrapers in Central America with 284 meters in height. This particular building does not usually go unnoticed by visitors to Panama, as it is located in one of the most affluent commercial areas of the city, as well as having an innovative architectural design by the architects ARIAS SERNA SARAVIA that has become a hallmark of the Panamanian skyline.

The casino is located in three different floors of the 70 total that make up the Marriot building: 1st Floor, 65th floor and 66 floors. The special situation of the casino made the advantages of raised access floor more obvious over other traditional systems, by maintaining a clear and free space, and maintaining the distribution of the necessary facilities so that all the casino’s devices had easy access to them.

POLYGROUP provided the GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL system without coating. This system consists of encapsulated steel cement panels of 600x600mm with cement injection, supported by a structure consisting of pedestals and bolted stringers. In addition, the raised access floor panels are screwed to the pedestal obtaining the maximum stability and acoustic absorption. Subsequently, corporate carpet was installed on the raised access floor, as well as other types of stone finish in different areas of the casino according to the determined use.

This system of raised access floor supplied in Panama provides great stability to both heavy traffic and recreational machinery, thus ensuring the safety of users, as well as being a functional element with high aesthetic attributes that combine with the design architectural of the building.

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Location: PANAMA
Project Profile:
Area: 4000 m2
Year: 2014
Design: Arias Serna Saravia Architects
Product Type:

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