In our constant quest for innovative solutions in building construction and interior design, we want to highlight the revolutionary system of raised access floors with a ceramic finish known as Position-Touch©. This cutting-edge technology offers a unique combination of aesthetics and functionality that will elevate the appearance and performance of buildings.

Aesthetics and Functionality Fused into a Single System

The raised floor system with a ceramic finish is designed with exclusive technology that allows for the application of ceramics directly from the factory. The result is a 10 mm surface that solidly and stably adheres to the core of the technical panel, providing the characteristic accessibility that ceramic raised floor systems must have.

In the assembly process, an intermediate layer of an acoustic membrane can be incorporated to minimize irregularities on the underside of the stone, creating an enhanced cushioning effect and improved comfort. These elements have excellent acoustic properties that absorb the noise generated by footsteps, impacts, and sound transmission between spaces. This not only enhances the experience of those working or moving through the building but also contributes to a quieter and more productive work environment.

High-Performance Features

At Polygroup, we are committed to delivering maximum performance in the market of raised access floors. Our product, GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL, with a ceramic finish, offers exceptional features such as maximum fire resistance, 0% moisture absorption, optimal stability, and superior acoustic properties.

A distinctive feature of our Position-Touch© manufacturing system is the absence of perimeter edges, making it a high-level aesthetic component that preserves the design and innovation concepts of ceramic tiles without being altered by PVC components.

Transportes VIGAR Offices

One of the standout projects that has successfully adopted the Position-Touch© system is the redesign of the offices of Transportes VIGAR S.L. This company is one of the largest transport companies in all of Andalusia.

This raised access floor system with a ceramic finish has not only improved the aesthetics and functionality of its interior spaces but has also contributed to creating a more comfortable and efficient work environment.

At Polygroup, we are at the forefront of innovation, constantly working to find solutions that adapt to every need and always offering quality, durability, and exceptional aesthetics in every project we undertake.