In the realm of architecture and construction, laboratories hold a special place. These spaces are crucial for scientific research, product development, innovation, and more. The key to creating functional and efficient laboratories lies in every detail, including raised access floors.

The Importance of a Raised Access Floor in Laboratories

A well-designed laboratory requires a range of components that are often overlooked but are fundamental to its success. One such component is the raised access floor, a solution that offers numerous benefits for laboratories.

  1. Cable and Pipe Management

In a laboratory, cables and pipes are essential for the operation of equipment and systems. A raised access floor facilitates the organized management of these elements, simplifying maintenance and ensuring a safe working environment.

  1. Flexibility in Space Layout

Laboratories often need to adapt to new requirements and equipment. Raised access floors are highly adaptable, allowing for quick and efficient changes in space layout without the need for costly structural modifications.

  1. Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Energy efficiency is paramount in modern laboratories. Raised access floors enable the efficient installation of heating and cooling systems, contributing to energy savings and space sustainability.

  1. Acoustic Insulation

Maintaining low noise levels in laboratories is essential to prevent interference with experiments and concentration tasks. Raised access floors offer excellent acoustic insulation, creating a quieter environment.

  1. Regulatory Compliance

Laboratories are subject to strict regulations and standards. High-quality raised floors comply with these regulations, ensuring safety and compliance at all times.

  1. Specific Technical Finishes

In specialized laboratories, such as those handling electronic components or corrosive liquids, raised access floors with specific technical finishes are essential. Products like Conductile are ideal for laboratories with electronic components, while anti-acid finishes are crucial for laboratories dealing with corrosive liquids. These specialized finishes guarantee the durability and safety required for specific environments.


The Conductive Raised Floor

The Conductive Raised Floor, also known as the CONDUCTILE SUPER-OR homogeneous vinyl flooring, is used in specialized rooms and technological buildings, including data centers, laboratories, operating rooms, oncology units, power plants, electrical rooms, substations, refineries, control rooms, control towers, and more. The need to dissipate and conduct electrostatic charges generated in technological buildings makes PVC CONDUCTILE SUPER-OR the ideal complement to conductive raised floor systems by achieving very low electrical resistance, allowing for the grounding of charges generated in the environment.

The conductive vinyl CONDUCTILE SUPER-OR offers a range of finishes where the composition of graphite as a conductor of electricity is clearly visible.