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Raised access floors contribution to new engineering projects

The construction sector, in all its variations, is constantly evolving towards materials and methods whose benefits adapt, over time, to the needs generated by society. And this is what engineering uses to carry out its increasingly sophisticated and innovative projects.

This progress is particularly noticeable in technical engineering works:

  • Communications rooms (IT).
  • Nuclear and power generation plants
  • Electrical rooms and substations
  • Laboratories
  • Clean rooms
  • Control towers or operations rooms.
  • Emergency rooms

All of them have one thing in common: the floors used in them are of crucial importance due to the needs of the work carried out inside. In these cases, the introduction of raised access floors not only provides solutions to new construction needs, but also functionality and design.


These floors arise from the need to be able to house all installations in the same place and make them more accessible (cables, water, electricity and air conditioning pipes, optic fibre elements and similar). For more than 40 years, POLYGROUP has understood these needs and we continue to make progress in the development of these floors in highly complex technical projects, where the characteristics of the site demand a series of requirements that guarantee safety.

Therefore, a technical room flooring of any of the above-mentioned installations is decided on the basis of three main characteristics: load capacity, cooling-air flow and electrostatic control.

In particular, POLYGROUP GAMAFLOR conductive access floor systems help to clean the electrostatic charges generated in this type of building by making earth connections from the raised access floor itself at the most favourable points in the installation. At the same time, they allow pipes, voice and data systems and electrical installations to be installed in the plenum in an easy and clean way.

new engineering projects
(Rendering of the GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL CONDUCTOR structure, capable of obtaining elevations from 55 to 2000mm. Images POLYGROUP©)

Technical engineering projects

In addition to this advantage, POLYGROUP raised access floors possess other advantages that are also ideal for technical engineering projects: adjustable heights, fire resistance, resistance to heavy loads and electrical resistance.

All of it makes them the choice in these work areas (which have very demanding requirements in terms of equipment), as they generate electrostatic charges due to their own characteristics, and controlling them is one of the functions performed, for example, by POLYGROUP raised access floors with lightweight antistatic PVC CONDUCTILE SUPER-OR PVC coating.

Specifically, the raised access floor can take the form of modular panels system supported on a solid elevated structure, which creates a space (plenum) that facilitates the channelling of any type of mechanical, electrical and air-conditioning installation. Furthermore, there is the added advantage of offering quick access to the services to carry out repairs, maintenance and upgrades, interfering as little as possible with the work of the users in the area.

Engineering takes all these advantages into account and makes use of them in the construction of technical buildings, which benefits not only the building itself, but also the workers themselves, who have safer, more comfortable and efficient workplaces.

Headquarters / Factories:
P.I. Navisur
41907  Seville
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Headquarters / Factories:
P.I. Navisur
41907  Seville
(+34 ) 955 99 77 31

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