Next-Generation Development

At Polygroup, we are continually evolving within the raised access floors industry. In this article, we delve into the GAMAFLOR perforated ventilation panels. This new generation of products is meticulously designed with a focus on strength, versatility, and efficiency. Manufactured from reinforced smooth steel, GAMAFLOR G perforated panels offer maximum resistance to static and rolling loads, as well as robust fire resistance. Compatible with our GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL and GAMAFLOR PAC/BANK systems, these panels also adapt to a variety of raised access floor systems globally.

High-Performance Features

These perforated panels are specifically designed to meet the load demands in technical rooms and data processing centers (CPD). They ensure a continuous airflow from the bottom of the raised floor, allowing effective cooling of machinery through the cold/hot aisle technology. The manufacturing technology with smooth steel not only ensures maximum strength but also significantly reduces noise associated with air exhaust, compared to traditional aluminium ventilation grills used in raised access floors.

Customized Configuration

Recognizing the diversity of needs in raised access floor environments, we have developed various perforated panels with customized openings at the top. These perforated tiles can incorporate flow regulators at the bottom, enabling independent control of airflow from each panel. Additionally, integrated directional fins provide flexibility to direct airflow directly to the machinery that requires cooling, optimizing system efficiency.

At Polygroup, our ongoing pursuit of innovation and sustainability is reflected in these advancements. We are committed to providing raised access floor solutions that not only meet current needs but also anticipate and fulfil future industry demands