In the world of construction and architecture, every project represents a unique challenge, an opportunity to innovate and raise the expectations of quality. We are delighted to share the success of our client, BC Industries EOOD, in completing the impressive Golden Eye Svilengrad Casino Project in Bulgaria, near the borders of Turkey and Greece. With an investment of approximately 150 million euros, this luxury complex has become an architectural landmark.


The Golden Eye Project: A Quick Look

The Golden Eye Project is a stunning complex that includes a wide range of luxury facilities. The complex comprises a large-scale hotel, top-class gaming rooms, a spa center, a spectacular pool, two high-end restaurants, and commercial areas. In total, the complex has a built-up area of 61,000 square meters. The hotel, which is the second largest in the country, features 624 rooms, divided into two nine-story buildings with an impressive height of 28 meters. The main gaming room covers 4,000 square meters, while two smaller VIP rooms offer an additional 1,000 square meters. The complex also houses a shopping center built on an area of 0.8 hectares and two exquisite restaurants.


Our Contribution: Polygroup’s Raised Access Floors

Polygroup is proud to have been an integral part of this large-scale project. We supplied and installed approximately 4,000 square meters of our POLYGROUP GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL raised access floor system.

The Full Steel Heavy Medium system without coating was implemented in various areas of the casino. In technical areas and CCTV rooms, we opted for GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL CONDUCTILE SUPER OR, ensuring a secure and functional environment.


Our Expertise in Casinos

At Polygroup, we specialize in raised access floors for casinos and gaming rooms. Thanks to the flexibility and extensive organization freedom provided by raised access floors, they are essential in such entertainment venues. The distribution of cables and services is optimal for raised access floors in areas like gaming tables, gaming machines, recording areas, and security, providing high levels of acoustic insulation and versatility.

We have extensive experience in the international casino and gaming industry and maintain ongoing networking efforts. The excellence of GAMAFLOR products is complemented by the professional and specialized support we provide to all our clients, from early specification stages to the final consolidation of any project.


The Architect’s Touch: Atelier Serafimov architects

The architect behind this magnificent project is Atelier Serafimov architects, known for their innovative vision and their ability to combine aesthetics and functionality.

At Polygroup, we are delighted to have contributed our raised access floors to further enhance the quality and functionality of this first-class complex. The successful completion of this project demonstrates how collaboration and innovation can transform architectural projects into modern wonders. We look forward to more opportunities to be part of projects of this caliber and contribute to the creation of quality spaces.

If you would like more information about our work on this project or to explore how our raised access floors can enhance your next project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!