We continue to set the standard in the development of raised access floors. In today’s article, we showcase one of our flagship coverings, HPV LIDER EXTRANOVO, a heterogeneous vinyl flooring considered the leader in resistance to heavy traffic. This latest generation of anti-static raised floors stands out for its advanced technology, offering exclusive and innovative designs that position it as a premium choice in the market.

Manufactured under high pressure and with different layers, it employs the Pure Vinyl Transparent (PVT) protection system to create a transparent wear layer. This ensures colour durability throughout the flooring’s lifespan and makes it an aesthetically attractive and functional option.

This floor excels in resistance and the ability to adapt to different environments and styles, from offices to specialized spaces such as electrical rooms.

High-Performance Features

HPV LIDER EXTRANOVO is an anti-slip technical floor designed to withstand heavy traffic in various use areas. The PVT surface innovation and an advanced manufacturing process result in extremely compact and non-porous tiles. Its resistance to abrasion and chemical agents, along with its excellent dimensional stability, positions it as the ideal choice for demanding environments.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, from offices and tech centres to military, naval, universities, libraries, and hospitals. Classification according to ISO 10581 & 10582 (23-34-43) ensures its suitability for high-traffic areas, offering exceptional performance.

Efficient Installation and Maintenance

The installation of HPV LIDER EXTRANOVO is carried out on a smooth, flat, and dry base, without the need for welded joints. Its press manufacturing system allows for easy and low-cost maintenance. The extremely compact, mechanically polished tiles remain shiny with high-revolution discs. Installing on a base slab with approved adhesive ensures a high-performance and durable raised access floor system.

Resistance and innovative design define this type of flooring that adapts to the current and future needs of the industry.