Cuatrecasas, the renowned law firm, has relocated its office to the fourteenth floor of Torre Aragonia in Zaragoza, a landmark skyscraper designed by the acclaimed architect Rafael Moneo. This move to a modern and spacious space marks a milestone in enhancing customer service and adapting to the demands of the 21st century in the legal world.

Situated in the heart of the city’s socioeconomic development, the new facilities offer twenty-eight collaborators a collaborative and digital environment. Proximity to the City Hall, direct connection to the airport, and the AVE station facilitate communication and efficiency in legal counselling.

Polygroup’s Full Steel Raised Access Floor

In creating this new space, Polygroup collaborated with Seventyeight Interior Construction. Polygroup played a pivotal role in installing the raised access floor, providing an innovative solution that meets the specific needs of the firm. The objective was to find raised access floor that could accommodate level differences, accommodate all fixed electrical and data installations, and accept direct adhesion of corporate carpeting.

Polygroup’s Full Steel offers a comprehensive solution for Cuatrecasas’ new offices. This system, composed of encapsulated steel and cement, ensures resistance to load, fire, sound absorption, and durability against humidity. With tiles measuring 600×600 mm and a thickness of 34 mm, Full Steel provides stability and technical adaptability.

Advantages of Full Steel

Polygroup’s Full Steel system stands out for its high performance and resistance to static and dynamic loads, as well as its certified fire resistance. The fully screwed structure ensures stability and leveling, while the use of inert materials minimizes moisture absorption and thermal conductivity. Additionally, its ability to accept direct adhesion of corporate carpeting meets both aesthetic and functional requirements of the law firm.

The configuration of Full Steel technical flooring allows for adaptation to the specific needs of each project. With different levels of static and dynamic loads, this system offers versatility and superior performance while maintaining its core characteristics.

Driving Innovation and Collaborative Work

Cuatrecasas’ commitment to innovation is reflected in the choice of solutions such as Full Steel raised access floor. These new offices in Torre Aragonia represent not only an advancement in the provision of legal services but also a boost to collaborative work and the digital environment in the legal sector.

Participating in such projects marks a significant step forward in terms of modernization and efficiency. Collaboration with Polygroup has been essential in creating an innovative and functional space that reflects the values of excellence and commitment of the firm.