polygroup raised access floors in batimat paris 2019


Batimat construction hall began on November 4th 2019 in Paris, where POLYGROUP was present as an exhibitor exposing all raised access floor systems, as well as innovations in the sector and new architectural design trends of the raised access floor market in France.

The Batimat exhibition hall is a perfect network of the Francophone market covering countries such as Luxembourg, Switzerland and Belgium, as well as North Africa (Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria). A vast number of architects, engineers and specifiers have shown great interest for the development of their projects using GAMAFLOR raised access floors. As a result, POLYGROUP has a technical team that provides extensive advice from the design stage to the final execution of the project, providing raised access floor specification texts, construction CAD details of raised access floor systems, as well as specific tests under the requirement of both the European standard UNE EN 12825 as well as American regulations ASTM-CISCA,of raised access floor systems.

One of the newest developments that our POLYGROUP team had the opportunity to present was the FULL STEEL raised access floor system with BAMBOO finish, following the new design trends of continuous and homogeneous appearance using the Sovereign System. Our team was accompanied by a custom-made stand manufactured by POLYGROUP, where all the GAMAFLOR coatings were exhibited, crowned by three important niches that displayed the PAC, FULL STEEL and BANK HEAVY CONDUCTILE raised access floor systems with factory applied finishes.

The French-speaking market has become one of the most potential for POLYGROUP, having completed an important number of projects in 2019 where our GAMAFLOR raised floors have been used in a Data Processing Center for OPC & IBM, L´ Estoril in Monaco, Gare Montparnasse in Paris and G1 building in Bordeaux among others.

The Batimat exhibition hall concluded on November 8th 2019, in what we can summarize as a successful exhibition for POLYGROUP, where we had the opportunity to interact with many of our current clients, as well as obtain an important portfolio of potential raised access floor consumers. These experiences enrich and motivate the Polygroup team, in addition to provide the opportunity to share our raised access floor systems in France, expanding the reach of the Gamaflor firm and undoubtedly strengthening our international presence in the European market.

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