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The evolution of raised access floor systems over the years has been shaped by the market construction needs generated by new codes, standards and construction systems developed in the last years. In this sense, raised access floor systems had focused on satisfying these needs keeping at the fore front of technology, however, they have been evolving closely following the most recent design trends to the point where raised access floor systems are nowadays the perfect balance between performance and design.

In POLYGROUP we have been concerned to keep at the head of the market and thanks to the close collaboration kept with architects, engineers and designers, we have been able to respond with innovative proposals of raised access floor systems. One of the most recently successful proposals has been the SOVEREIGN TECH, this technology can be used with all soft finishes applied from factory, resulting in a continuous and homogeneous flooring appearance that completely conceals the edge of the tiles, maintaining all the properties of a raised access floor system.

The new open space tendency in architecture and interior design has had a strong impact especially in workspaces and commercial buildings, where the optimization of the space pursues the elimination of physical barriers that impede the free flow or transit of users as well as clean visual lines. In this scenario, raised access floor systems have proven to be a great advantage, as they provide a smart solution for the market meeting up to all the requirements.

From a technical point of view, raised access floor systems allow the unification of the building installations such as electrical, communications, HVAC and many others, within the plenum of the system, thus achieving an open space design without compromising the installation distribution and taking full advantage of space distribution. From a design stand, the SOVEREIGN TECH termination system allows the creation of a uniform and continuous atmosphere of the space, reducing to the minimum the visual lines created by the modularity of conventional raised access floor systems.

As a result of many years of experience, POLYGROUP can provide a thorough support to all designers, architects, engineers and customers interested in applying our raised access floor systems technology to every project. Our team will provide assistance through each and every phase of the project, from the design to the conclusion of each project.

New design trends in Access floor with POLYGROUP

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