The construction of buildings requires careful planning of facilities, and raised access floors emerge as a comprehensive solution to address this need. These floors consist of modular tiles supported by a structure of height-adjustable steel legs, offering not only functionality but also aesthetics. A significant advantage is their ability to conceal installations, such as electrical systems, beneath the floor, eliminating the need for costly masonry work.

This system not only accelerates construction time but also utilizes the space between the structural floor and the raised access floor, known as the plenum, for additional installations without structural interventions. Accessibility to facilities from any point in the building is crucial, avoiding the hassle of lifting the entire floor in case of issues. Additionally, the raised access floor facilitates the efficient installation of HVAC systems in the hollow spaces, improving the building’s energy efficiency. Aesthetically, it offers elegant and high-quality design solutions, aligning with contemporary standards of architecture and interior design.

GAMAFLOR, the Ultimate Solution

GAMAFLOR emerges as the ultimate solution in raised access floors, offering a versatile construction that enhances functionality, aesthetics, cost-effectiveness, and space performance. The choice of this raised access floor is justified by various benefits.

Firstly, it provides a free floor that allows hiding services and installations, promoting a clean and organized aesthetic in spaces. This system also stands out for its ability to generate cost savings and improve the building’s energy efficiency, contributing to sustainability. The flexibility it offers in changing the distribution of areas and installations adapts to the changing needs of the environment.

Furthermore, GAMAFLOR guarantees a significant improvement in aesthetics and safety levels, providing a final product with a variety of coatings that align with contemporary design trends. The ease of maintenance completes the profile of this comprehensive construction solution, consolidating its position as the perfect choice to optimize the quality and functionality of new architectural spaces.

Versatility in Usage Areas

GAMAFLOR raised access floors offer versatile solutions for a variety of environments, highlighting their positive impact on the functionality and aesthetics of spaces. From government and corporate offices to educational classrooms and cultural settings, these systems allow for open space planning without visible cables, ideally combining aesthetics and performance.

In technical rooms, it ensures appropriate security and technology, while in passenger terminals and casinos, it stands out for improving various areas both technically and aesthetically.

Sustainable Commitment

In addition to a building being aesthetic and functional, it must be sustainable. In this context, Polygroup, a leader committed to sustainability, excels in sustainable construction through its participation in LEED Certification. This global standard, driven by the US Green Building Council, evaluates the environmental performance and sustainability of buildings. Polygroup’s raised access floors play a crucial role in offering resource management efficiency and design flexibility. Their contribution to LEED Certification is reflected in benefits such as reduced operational costs, improved air quality, energy efficiency, and a lower environmental impact.